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Boutons et rubans | Marie Claires Idees - Na ponta d'agulha

Marie Claire Idees

Boutons et rubans | Marie Claires Idees

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Redondo, quadrado, flor, pastel ou fluorescente, botões são um elemento essencial acessório.

Ideal para decoração e personalizar malas, roupas e almofadas.

Este livro contém imagens ilustrativas dos projetos e explicações em francês.

160 páginas

Formato: 175 x 225 mm


Shirred satin ribbons around a cushion, close-grained knotted at the back of an envelope, with embroidered organza ribbons, mother of pearl sequins assembled earrings, buttons stuck in old patterns of a series of vases and carafes , others sewn on pillows or bags.

Elements of decoration or fashion accessories, buttons and ribbons will lend themselves to your desire for creation.

160 pages

Format: 175 x 225 mm

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